Steam Boiler Automation Systems

In order to operate the boilers in which steam is obtained, which is a widely used form of energy in the industry, in a safe and economical way, technical rules valid in the European Union have been prepared. These rules were created by the Germans and are called TRD (Technische Regeln für Dampfkessel). These norms can be translated into Turkish as ''Technical rules for steam boilers''.

There are 5 different operating modes mentioned in TRD regulations:

  • Permanently supervised operation. In this mode of operation, the technical personnel in charge of the system continuously monitor and adjust the water level and steam pressure in the boiler.
  • Partial permanent supervised operation. In this mode of operation, the technical personnel responsible for the system check that the system is operating correctly every two hours.
  • Unattended time-limited operation at reduced operating pressure.
  • 24-hour unattended operation.
  • 72 hours unattended operation.

In the TRD regulations and EN 12953 norms, which safety systems should be used according to each type of operation mentioned above are written. For example; an automatic water level and pressure control is not required in permanent supervised operation; in limited, 24-hour and 72-hour unattended operation, these are compulsory. These safety devices are usually supplied by boiler companies with the approval of the customer. 

As mentioned above, a number of controls are required for safe and efficient operation of the boiler. These controls can be grouped under two main headings: Automatic Level Control Systems and Automatic Blowdown Systems.

Automatic Blowdown Systems

  • Bottom Blowdown
  • Surface (TDS) Blowdown

Automatic Level Control Systems

  • Limit Control (On-Off Control)
  • Control by Continuous Measurement (Modulating Control)

Apart from these two headings, temperature control and condensate turbidity control are important controls that should be controlled according to TRD 604 norm.

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