Steam and Pressurized Air Separator

The quality of the steam is pronounced by dryness. The dryer the steam supplied to the system, the better the quality.

When the steam produced in the boilers is transferred to the installation, it loses some of its heat when it encounters a cooler surface. This heat loss causes the formation of small water droplets called condensate and the condensate is carried by the vapor pressure circulating in the installation. Steam Separators are products that are used to ensure the dryness of the steam that separates the liquid formed in the installations.

In the vortex type steam separator, wet steam enters into the product and descends downwards by guiding the spirals so as to have maximum friction surface and follows the spirals and leaves the remaining moisture on the spirals and leaves the product. The friction surface is at maximum level.

Vira Vortex Type Steam Separators are highly productive, long-life products with high friction surface where you can easily obtain dry steam.


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