Steam in the sense of dictionary; Although it means the gas state in which liquids and some solids are transformed by the effect of heat, we can define the part of our interest as water vapor. The term evaporation is a physical term used only for liquids to become gaseous.

Evaporation continues until either the evaporating liquid is over or the air above the liquid is saturated with steam.

The steam applies a pressure on the walls of the container. The higher the temperature, the higher the pressure. As a liquid evaporates, the molecules on its surface get rid of and become gaseous. The dryness of the obtained steam shows how high quality it is.

These evaporating molecules are constantly in motion. During the evaporation of water, a dynamic equilibrium is established in which equal amounts of liquid or solid particles become gaseous and at the same time return from the gaseous state. The vapor that establishes such an equilibrium is called ’saturated steam'.

Due to its physical properties, steam, which is frequently used in industry, is an indispensable part of the industrial sector.

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