Service Request Form

Company Request Date    
Address Attendant    
Related person Fax
Phone Invoice date    
Product Model Date of commissioning
Serial Number Requested Service Date
*Please declare a photocopy of the invoice for warranty coverage !!
Problem definition Process Information
Service-Maintenance-Fault Service Request
In case of a fault, I want you to diagnose the fault and correct the fault of the system / device in place.
I want you to deliver the defective device by cargo, offer to repair it.
I want the defective device to be repaired and maintained.
I want you to bid for the defective device.
Service-Service Termination Request
Send the system / device by post-courier service.
The system / device is switched on after service. (Mechanical and electrical installation belongs to the user.)
General Terms and Device Service Agreement
1. The warranty period is 24 months from the invoice date. Products which are defective due to usage errors, without invoice, warranty document or commissioning form are not covered by the guarantee.
2. Service requests must be made 2 days in the city, 7 days outside the city and 21 days abroad.
3. The location, type of connection, fluid, pressure, temperature, and communication information of the defective device must be sent.
4. Replacement or troubleshooting of non-warranty defective products will be done after the customer's bid approval.
5. The defective device repair process will take place after we fax you, confirming our pre-repair price offer.
6. Our customers are completely responsible for the shipping and packaging of the defective device that is sent out of warranty.
7. Product delivery is done by "Technical Service Form". Replacement of new products is guaranteed by the manufacturer.
8. The maximum repair time is 30 working days.
Requesting Service on behalf of Customer
I have read the above 8-item document as General Conditions and Repair Contract. By accepting these conditions, I request technical service from your company.