Float Free Condensate Pump

When steam meets a cooler surface, it loses some of its heat. This heat loss experienced by the steam causes the formation of small water droplets formed by condensation of the so-called condensate steam.

Increasing the boiler feed water temperature every 6 ° C can save about 1% energy. Therefore, the recovery of condensate as hot water is very important in terms of energy saving.

At high condensate temperatures, the flash steam generated on the suction side of the electric pumps will cause cavitation, so unlike ordinary pumps, condensate pumps are used.

Vira Condensate Pump does not contain any deteriorating mechanical parts. Level control is done electrically by means of electrodes, not by float. If required, the system can be supplied with globe valve, strainer, solenoid valves and check valves, or simply as the condensate pump itself and as a level measuring system.

Condensate pumps pump high-temperature liquids using condensate, steam or compressed air. The condensate collected in the collector (7) begins to fill into the condensate pump. The solenoid valve (1) located at the top of the condensate pump is in the open position. The solenoid valve (2) in the steam line (5) is in the closed position. As soon as the water level in the condensate pump touches the short electrode (4), the open valve (1) closes and the closed valve (2) opens and the drive steam flows into the condensate pump with its own pressure and discharges the condensate. As soon as the condensate level falls below electrode # 3, the solenoid valve # 1 is reopened and the solenoid valve # 2 is closed. The remaining steam in the condensate pump chamber of the driving steam from the line where the solenoid valve 1 is located is sent to the collector (7) to be converted to condensate. Line 6 is used to return and discharge the condensate formed in the steam line to the collector. Outlet number 8 on the collector is left for ventilation. https://en.viraisi.com/condensate-pump

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