Automatic Level Control Systems (Steam Boiler)

The purpose of this method is to receive a warning from the predetermined point and to maintain the boiler water level at the desired intervals. This method can be called on-off control system or limit control system. In their most common use, these points, the minimum and maximum points, are the two points in which you want to stay alert between the water level in the boiler and for warning. At the minimum point, the warning is taken before the water falls to the critical level and the necessary precautions are taken without any problems. Likewise, by taking the maximum point, we prevent fluid overflow and thus damage. The received warning is usually transmitted to the controller in the form of an electrical signal, after which the connection is completed according to the application by means of audible, illuminated warnings or devices (such as pumps) to control the system. An electrode group electronic device is used in the measurement.


Vira Automatic Level Control Systems have 3 different products which can be called On-Off Control or Limit Control.



The purpose of this method is to measure how much water is in the boiler or tank and to operate the pump or control valve proportionally according to the measured value.

In this system, the level that is set and the current level difference in the boiler or the measured tank are kept to a minimum value so that the level does not fluctuate continuously at maximum and minimum points. The control is carried out by means of a modulating control valve and a controller connected to it by an electrode. The electrode sends signals to the controller according to the water level and the controller then proportionally controls the control valve after evaluating these signals. Proportional opening / closing is made according to the water level in the boiler and the desired water level is kept constant with very small deviations. In these systems, the pump runs continuously. When the control valve closes, the by-pass valve opens.

Vira Automatic Level Control Systems have 2 different products which we can call Proportional Control.



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