About Us

Vira is a young, dynamic and expert company regarding separators and steam related products. To meet our customers needs, we offer customers a combination of our application experience, ongoing technical support, correct installation and commissioning ability with our high quality products.

Vira provide durable, high-quality air - dirt separators and steam related products that are used in many kinds of applications, from unique custom jobs to large scale installations.

Presenting the Right System Solution

Our goal is to take into account the total cost when providing the system solution. Vira's policy is to identify areas that can be improved in your system and to improve performance and efficiency by reducing energy costs.
Our firm, which serves with young and dynamic sales team in the sector, presents Vira products of superior quality and products of world leader companies that can provide it to its customers.

We aim the followings ,by sharing our products, service and knowledge 

• Increase your productivity
• Improve process control
• Increase your product quality
• Increasing production volume
• We aim to increase total profitability.
• Reduce your maintenance costs
• Reduce your energy costs
• To shorten maintenance and service times
• To shorten production time
• We aim to reduce spare parts and inventory costs.