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We deliver our high quality products on 4 continents and in 17 countries with our 50 sales point. With our flexible production platform, we have the ability to supply products according to the desired standard by making special productions to our customer demands. We are proud to represent our country with the best quality products.
Product of the Week

Product of the Week

In the steam boilers the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level is controlled more accurately and effectively by the automatic blowing system. The Automatic Blowdown Controller BK 5000 measures the conductivity of the boiler water thanks to the Conductivity Sensitivity BD 5400.

The blowdown valve opens due to the high TDS signal from the BKV 5400 controller and shuts off when the TDS level reaches the set low value. The BKV 5400 Blower Control Valve with electrohydraulic and spring return actuator is operated by the signal from the BK 5000 Blower Controller.

The widescreen in the controller shows the TDS value of the boiler water in TDS ppm (number of parts per million) or the conductivity value in μS / cm (microsiemens / cm). At the same time the instantaneous TDS and the set TDS value are displayed.

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